Stevedore And Shore Handling

Protect your business if you load cargo on and off ships regularly

Having cargo as part of your day-to-day business brings with it a large amount of risks. Our Stevedore and Shore Handling insurance will compensate you in the following circumstances:

  • A third party experiences personal injury or property damage at the places specified in your policy.
  • Sudden physical loss of or damage to your plant and equipment in your care custody and control.
  • Liability for financial loss incurred by your customer as a direct result of customer goods being lost, destroyed or damaged. 
  • Damage to your imported and exported cargo during removal and/or transfer from Vessel to Stack (or the other way around), within the peripheries of the port. 
  • Any authorised law costs and expenses you incur.
  • Costs and expenses that you are legally liable for relating to the removal or recovery of customer goods and the disposal of any debris, as long as these relate to a documented sudden and accident occurrence.