Questions to ask your insurance agent

These questions will ensure you are clued up when selecting an insurance agent.

Insurance Agent Question

Q: Are you licensed to sell this product?

A: Our agents are licensed to operate on behalf of Hollard Insurance Ghana under the provisions of the National Insurance Commission regulations.

Q: What kind of communication do you offer your clients
A: Our insurance agents will keep in regular contact with you through correspondence, telephone, or visits. Our agent should also proactively recommend changes or additions to your cover, depending on the market or on significant events in your life.
Q: How much cover do I have if my agent is negligent?
A: Because our insurance agents are Hollard agents, we’re responsible for their acts of commission or omission to the extent it is legally admissible - which means you’re covered.
Q: What claims service do you offer?
A: Our agent will act as a liaison and deal with all your claims queries to ensure that the process runs smoothly.